Community Priorities



Residents were asked 'How important should these priority areas be to Mesa County government leaders in the next few years? Select and rank up to 5 priority areas for Mesa County government leaders.'

  • Financial Responsibility w/ Public Funds – Promote financial responsibility with public funds and tax dollars.
  • Diverse Employment Opportunities. – Encourage a variety of industries to relocate to or remain in Mesa County to promote diverse employment opportunities.
  • Family Economic Stability – Create opportunities for a community where individuals and families have opportunities to be economically stable.
  • Local Business Growth – Help local businesses to grow.
  • K-12 education – Support efforts to improve the K-12 education system.
  • Post-Secondary Education Alternatives – Support and diversify post-secondary education alternatives to grow our local talent pool.
  • Public Health – Promote and protect public health.
  • Local Healthcare Resources. – Support and grow local healthcare resources.
  • Transportation Infrastructure. – Support efforts to improve transportation infrastructure across the Grand Valley (pedestrian, public, air, rail, and road).
  • Broadband Connectivity – Improve broadband connectivity in Mesa County.
  • Infrastructure Development – Plan for projected community growth in infrastructure development to maintain quality of life.
  • Public safety – Promote public safety.
  • Public Lands Use – Promote responsible use of public lands (recreational use, open space, commercial use).
  • Parks Outside of Cities and Towns – Provide parks outside of cities and towns.
  • Riverfront Trail Connectivity – Complete connectivity of the Riverfront Trail.
  • Air and Water Quality. – Support policies to maintain or improve air and water quality.
  • Diverse Housing Development. – Facilitate diverse housing development.
  • Diverse Community. – Promote a vibrant and diverse community.

Key Findings

  • The only groups in Mesa County that show significantly divergent priorities were political parties.
  • Many every demographic groups in the county ranked the following three items in their top five priorities:
    • K-12 education.
    • Public safety.
    • Infrastructure Development.
  • Lowest priorities overall
    • Riverfront Trail Connectivity.
    • Post-Secondary Education Alternatives.
    • Parks Outside of Cities and Towns.

Top 5 Priorities

How important should these priority areas be to Mesa County government leaders in the next few years? Select and rank up to 5 priority areas for Mesa County government leaders

A longer bar indicated more selections in the top 5. The length of colored bars represents the rank's weight in the row.


By selecting 'Preserve' it is easier to see order changes when filtering the demographics.
By selecting '54321 Weighted' higher preference is given to 1st ranked choice than to lower ranked choices (1st get 5 points, 2nd 4, 3rd 3, 4th 2, 5th 1).

Common Priorities

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The Tell Us community survey was administered during June and July 2022. The survey was open to all Mesa County residents (18 years and older) to assess citizen satisfaction and to measure how residents perceived progress on key initiatives, customer service and efficiency of county government, and areas for future growth.